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Hi, we are small start-up trying to change the way of clouds forever. There is no crypto-based cloud, so that is what we are trying to accomplih.

White Paper
Our start-up is focused on improving the way of cloud storage. We are trying to make cloud storage rentable. The concept is that you buy a SOL token, you withdraw it to the cloud system and the cloud will give a piece of storage for this rate: 1Mb is 0.1 cent. The cloud is based on Solana, because it's an open project for developers. Every hour the AI will sync the price of SOL and 0.1 cent. So if you buy the storage at the start of an hour you will get it for 0.1 cents. If you buy it at the end of an hour, you will get it for the piece that is on the dashboard right now. So the price of coins won't affect the price of storage. In the future we will aso make possible that you can sell storage to Solana, at the same rate as when you buy it.


We need around 200k for:

Servers (75k):

100.000 Gb Fast SSD (Storage)

100.000 x 2 Gb Dast SSD (Back-up)

System (30k):


Server program

Fast Internet connotation(10k):

Fast and secure internet connotation.

Anti-Virus software (30k):

Secure Anti Virus software for servers.

Room for servers (10k):

A rented room with fans for cooling servers.

Electricity and other small things (15k): 

Electricity for servers to work.

All of the components are together around 155k. We will also use 15k for marketing and remaining money for the domain( It is already taken) and for electricity and DeDos protection for a cuple years.


Svit Samardzija Pavletic:

-  13 year Old.

-  Knows to code.

-  Owns 30% of the project.

Mitija Samardzija Pavletic:

-  Knows Marketing Well.

-  Manager of IMS inc.

-  Owns 70% of Project.