About Us

GameRoom is a game development team (studio), we want to make games more relaxing and more fun. our games are and will be cheap, and accessible, we don't support paying $50 for a game, you could buy a used console for that much. and I believe that we can make games for just $2.99. our business is made in Slovenia (a small country in middle Europe, next to Italy and Croatia) componey is called "Mitija Samardžija Pavletič s.p." and is an entrepreneur business, made for making games and sports activities witch we like to run in free time. we are profitable and we call our code team "GameRoom". in our team there are currently 2 workers, me and my son. I am not a programmer, I am a tester and legal owner of the business, my son is 14 and is a programmer... games we make are tested by me and a bunch of other testers to make games as enjoyable as they can get. we have a history of programming and making games but none of them were good enough for public use. Our first game is and will be called "Work in Progress" and is made by my son it took him about a month to make it playable and almost the whole summer to make it enjoyable. Contact us at developer@gameroom.si


Svit Samardžija Pavletič

Svit Samardizja Pavletič

Svit Samardžija Pavletič 14 years old, is a developer, he started coding whan he was 8, he was too young for Instagram so I gave him a website and an instructor to teach him how to code, this is how he learned HTML and a bit of CSS than he started coding in Games in Roblox Studio, but that didn't last long, then Minecraft plugins, which taught him Java well, and then python, he want on a few courses of python and now he knows it from A to Z He started learning Unreal Engine 4 in 2020 and mastered it in 2022, he has made 3 big projects, a ball game where the goal is to get from start to Finnish in a certain time, then there was a BackRooms game, witch was scrapped due to too much work for one person, and now Work In Progress, GameRooms first published game and most advanced. Svit is not stopping soon.

Mitija Samardžija Pavletič

 Mitija Samardizja Pavletič

Mitija Samardžija Pavletič, 56 years old, is an official owner of a company and game tester, he comes to look at the progress tells what's missing, and helps with voice/video design he works for a Sports Chain company and compleated Collage for the Gym teacher, he was teaching kids gymnastic for around 25 years and then he went for an office job, he also created his own business for testing Sports players and it stayed in business till now, he also has an auntropenuer business for little things he has the equipment to do but he has to have a license to do it, he helps Svit a lot with motivation and helps him code whan he has a problem, with a logical solution.


Work in Progress

WorkInProgress Logo -- GameRoom.Si

Work in progress is a project, where development gets sucked into the game and you as a player have to help him out, it will be $2.99 to play without microtransactions, on launch it will have game modes, story, and levels. story will get you true story mode, and in levels, you will be able to play every level in story mode just by clicking on it, it will hopefully come out at the start of school this year, it is a game to chill and relax while playing it...